CDA Membership

Watch the **Membership Video from
National Regent Olga Samaniego

Please allow 20 min. if you share the you tube video at your meeting.

What do the Catholic Daughters do?

Answer the Lord’s call with faith, generosity,join-a-group-hands
and love by joining
the Catholic Daughters of the Americas!

Catholic Daughters engage in an expansive array of activities
in pursuit of our mission including support of and involvement in:

  • Enhancement of Spiritual Life
  • The Holy Father, Bishops and Clergy
  • Evangelization
  • Mission activities
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Vocations to the religious life
  • Mother Teresa
  • Right to life
  • Adopt-a-Child program
  • Battered spouses and child abuse
  • Prevention of teen pregnancy and suicide
  • Scholarships and educational contests
  • Drug and alcohol abuse prevention
  • Civic Programs
  • Morality in Media
  • Elderly
  • Prison Apostolate
  • Aid to flood and disaster victims
  • Apostolate of the Sea
  • HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Rural life
  • Patriotism
  • Veterans’ support
  • Project Handclasp (U.S. Navy)


Why should I join Catholic Daughters?

  • Unity with over 70,000 women across the globe
  • Practical leadership development
  • Community and parish outreach
  • Support the Holy Father
  • Scholarships for you and your family
  • Help shape future leaders through CDA
  • The benefits of insurance programs
  • Spiritual, social and cultural activities
  • Legislative concerns
  • Lasting friendships

In addition to opportunities at the local, state and national level
for fellowship with other Daughters who pursue our mission of faith
working through love in the promotion of justice, equality,
and the advancement of human rights and dignity for all,
Daughters experience the opportunity to give and receive.
By giving of your time, talent, ideas, knowledge, dedication,
and enthusiasm, you’ll receive leadership skills, affirmation,
community, broadened horizons, a marked sense of accomplishment
as well as many spiritual benefits.

Iowa Catholic Daughters members receive our
quarterly state newspaper.
The State Newspaper: The Voice

Daughters also receive SHARE, the award-winning,
quarterly magazine of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas.
Share Magazine


How do I join Catholic Daughters?

Locate a court in or near your city

Click and check the map link below. Find the Diocese your in, and look for a court in your city under the proper tab in the menu at top of this website.

Contact the regent or financial secretary of the local court.
Ask for details about their meeting dates and times,
the special projects and events they have,
the parish affiliations they have, etc.
Ask to attend their next meeting.
Dues for each local court are different and set by the court membership.


Our Newest Iowa CDA Members!

Winter 2018

6 Carroll Eileen Sander                                     14 Emmetsburg Lisa Oberg
14 Emmetsburg Lois Stillman                       152 Mason City Juanita Pierce
216 Fort Dodge Rosalia Buda-Claussen       216 Fort Dodge Diane Keith
283 Algona Nicole Casey                                283 Algona Sonny Christensen
283 Algona Bonnie Juhnks                            284 Britt Patricia DeWaard
284 Britt Leona Hrubes                                  300 Dunlap Tami Dunham
300 Dunlap Samantha Fitchhorn                 300 Dunlap Marianne Sullivan
408 Spencer Mary Ellen Jones                      458 Cherokee Patricia Reinert
460 Esterville Jean Barnes                             460 Esterville Jean Hoffman
460 Esterville Dorothy Wagner                    460 Esterville Marlene Walthart
495 Independence Joanne O’Loughlin Good     504 Washington Lucille Lemley
524 Muscatine Connie Garcia                       524 Muscatine Alice Jones
524 Muscatine Jane L Martin                      1156 Maquoketa Kristy Cornelius
1156 Maquoketa Madison Cornelius         1156 Maquoketa Susan Rickel
1460 Farley Beth Simpson                           1540 Sibley Debra Hulley
1540 Sibley Danielle Nasers                        1545 McGregor Christine Bell
1545 McGregor Jeanette Jensen                 1550 Churdan Mary Jo Koch
1550 Churdan Nancy A Pudenz                 1599 Algona Colleen Hegarty
1599 Algona Paula K See Husen                1599 Algona Bernice C Thilges
1627 Pocahontas Joanna Francis              1627 Pocahontas Beth Hotovec
1627 Pocahontas Kathleen Fae Porter     1627 Pocahontas Debra Richards
1627 Pocahontas Maureen Spaulding     1768 Cedar Rapids Bernice Beltz
1768 Cedar Rapids Vicki Davenport        1945 Ankeney Alice Huebner
1945 Ankeney Berneta O’Brien                 1945 Ankeney Rose Shafer
2291 Cedar Falls Theresa Dethlefs            2291 Cedar Falls Shari M McIntee
2515 Spirit Lake Mary Lou Riley