Iowa City: Craigie #94

Institution Date: November 27, 1908

Regent: Carole Olney
Vice Regent: Mary Sauers
Recording Secretary: Carolyn Rourke
Financial Secretary: Joann Page
Treasurer: Julie Wiedner
Chaplain: Father Lou Leonhart

Court Mailing Address: 2628 Auburn Hills Ln, Solon IA 52333
District Deputy: Christy Peiffer

Regent: Carole Olney

Our court Craigie #94 held an outdoor Patriotic Rosary last evening May 9th, 2017 on the lawn of St. Wenceslaus church, Iowa City. Six Fourth Degree Knights joined us in the impressive event.


Congratulations!  Earning a 2016 National Merit Award for Education:  Rosary books to First Communicants & RCIA Candidates project recognized. Crt. #94, Iowa City