Chaplain FundChaplain


The newly elected Iowa Catholic Daughters State Board recently reviewed and
revised the State Standing Rules. One of the Standing Rules stated that the Iowa
Catholic Daughters would make an annual donation to the University of Iowa
Chaplains Department.

As we reviewed this rule and the annual donation we discussed the policies of
the University of Iowa Hospital. The University of Iowa Hospital performs abortions
and provides abortion counseling. The Board felt that because this service
was provided by the University of Iowa Hospital, it was not appropriate for the
Catholic Daughters to continue the annual collection and resulting donation.
Therefore, this assessment will not appear on your State dues invoice in the fall.

A new policy has been established to collect rosaries which CDA members
make or other rosaries they wish to donate to be distributed to Iowa Hospitals
around the State. Rosaries will be collected at Anna Baxter Day and the State Convention.

The State Board will distribute the rosaries to the hospitals in the name of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas.