Cedar Rapids: Court Cedar Rapids #1768

Institution Date: November 22, 1957

Regent: Susan Frischkorn
Vice Regent: Elaine Boes
Secretary: Patty Derby
Financial Secretary: Shirley Bush
Treasurer: Linda Brandt
Chaplain: Sister May Klisart

District Deputy: Delores Loney
Mailing address: 2001 Western Road – Iowa City, IA 52240
Phone: Phone 319-337-4336
email: deloresloney@gmail.com

Court Mailing Address: 2415 Catskill St. SW, Cedar Rapids IA 52404


CDA Sunday, 2016. Pictured from front left to right are Banner Bearers Mary Lou Hess and Betty Bockenstedt. Back row, Claire Ahart ,Recording Secretary; Linda Brandt ,Treasurer; Shirley Bush, Financial Secretary; Susan Frischkorn, Regent; Elaine Boes, Vice-Regent, and Dolores Loney, District Deputy. We attended Mass as a group and Mary Morgan with Judy Hensley handed out phamplets to parishioners.