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“Catholic Daughters of the Americas strives to embrace the principles of faith working through love in the promotion of justice, equality and the advancement of human rights and human dignity for all mankind.”

National Convention happenings from Pittsburgh!

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ACTION ALERT 2016! Conscience Protection Act, contact your Legislator today.


Natural Family Planning



Anna Baxter was held June 26th, 2016, photos of the event are posted!

Read about her extraordinary efforts and accomplishments to share and grow Catholic Daughters of the Americas courts in the State of Iowa and Wisconsin – all on the State Events page.


Congratulations Campus Court 
St. Therese Lisieux #2711!

Court 2711

The Institution of a New Campus Court at Iowa State University, Ames IA. April 22, 2016


  Our State Regent Darlene Moritz, Share Magazine, Let’s help her reach her goal!


Pope Francis





 “Amoris Laetitia” (“The Joy of Love”) Papal document affirms marriage.  Read more www.usccb.org



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The month of May is breathing fresh air and picking fresh flowers from our gardens. I think of springtime as a time of being renewed; everything springs to life such as Catholic Daughters! I do pray that all of you invite women to share in our wonderful organization. This is where our website can become a resourceful tool, one where you can explore the other courts’ pages (and in some cases their own websites) in the State of IA to see what activities they are engaging in. I believe this can give new members a broader perception of our wonderful organization.

web Please be sure to add our website address to all your literature and publications as this is essential to retention of our members and recruitment…read more in the Summer VOICE!

The Voice-Summer Edition is here!  Click to See Reminder: Voice Article’s are due August 20th for the Fall Edition.

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All Catholic Daughters and their families.

07.13.16 Shirley Sabelka, Immediate Past Court Regent  of Court #354, Lawler lost a son, Jim Sabelka 54years of age.  Shirley’s address for condolences is: Shirley Sabelka
1620 Windor Ave
Lawler, IA 52154



We pray to the Lord…Lord hear our prayer

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